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    Recreation Fee Support Program

    Recognizing the significant benefits of healthy activity aging, The Olde Forge Community Resource Centre offers an inclusive barrier free seniors’ recreational program open to all Ottawa seniors. There is no cost to become a member and our Fee Assistance Program is designed to adjust registration fees to assist those who are unable to afford the full cost of participation. Through fundraising efforts, directed donations, help from our community partners and funders our assistance fund ensures that no one is turned away because of financial hardship.

    If you consider yourself a low-income senior you may be eligible for our recreation fee assistance program.

    • Step 1: Pick-up an application form at the Olde Forge (2730 Carling Ave) in person or call and ask to have one mailed to you.
    • Step 2: Complete the application form.
    • Step 3: Call the Olde Forge to schedule a convenient time to bring in your completed application for review and approval in confidence to the Program Manager.
    More information on the fee support program:
    • All members of the Olde Forge Recreation Program who reside within the City of Ottawa can apply for fee assistance.
    • Applications are approved by the Program Manager and are accepted at anytime. Funds are limited and members are encouraged to apply as soon as possible prior to commencement of the next program period.
    • Approved applicants may be eligible up to a maximum amount of $50 in fee assistance during each program period and are strongly encouraged to pay a minimum of 25% of the program fee.
    For information and please call The Olde Forge at 613-829-9777.


    A. Recreation Fee Support Program Objectives

    In the absence of an extreme Circumstance Waver approved by the Program Manager, all participants must provide proof that they meet all of the following program objectives to be eligible for financial assistance through the Recreation Fee Assistance Program:

    a. The Recreation Fee Assistance Program provides financial assistance to low income seniors**.
    b. Participants must lack resources (people and/or financial) to arrange for subsidized payments.
    c. Applications for fee assistance must be approved by the Program Manager prior to program registration.

    B. Eligibility Criteria

    Participants must be residents of the city of Ottawa, and will provide proof of active enrolment in one or more of the following programs to prove that they meet the above noted Recreation Fee Support Program requirements:

    a. GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement).
    b. ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program)
    c. Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit
    d. Ontario Works plus proof of disability and/or senior.
    e. Essential Health and Social Supports plus proof of disability and/or senior
    f. Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment
    g. Special Circumstances. The Recreation Fee Assistance Program Special Circumstances Waiver must be signed.

    C. Application Process

    a. Approved participants will eligible for up to $50 in fee assistance within each program period.
    b. The Olde Forge has the ability to limit funds allocated to participants if demand is high.
    c. Applicants who are not residents of the City of Ottawa will not be served.
    ** Low income is defined as below $25,000 for a single individual and below $32,000 for a household (defined as two or more persons). Senior is considered any person over the age of 60 years.


  • Low income is defined as below $25,000 for a single individual, and below $32,000 for a household (defined as two or more persons). Senior is considered any person over the age of 60 years.